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Before connect any of your products to the UpdaterTool, we always recommend to disconect before from your vehicle. This way, always will make be detected without any problems.
Some products, like the PolarFIS (PF04/PF05 models), allow to connect to the UpdaterTool without need to disconnect (in his last firmware versions only), but others like activators or PolarBT need that device will be disconnected completely.

IMPORTANT : In the case you followed all our recommendations and you still having issues using UpdaterTool, contact us using the online ticket section.

Connecting your device[edit]

Connect your device is very easy, and does not require any special tools, just follow this steps:

  • Disconnect your device from the vehicle completely
  • Connect the USB cable provided to your device
  • Download and run in your computer the UpdaterTool (verify always that you have the last version downloaded from www.autopolar.net)
  • Once you have UpdaterTool running, please connect the USB cable to your computer
  • UpdaterTool will detect your device, and will read all information (and will show in the screen, see photo below)


Update (function)[edit]

Once you connect your AutoPolar device to the UpdaterTool, it will be detected and all information readed in screen. After this, UPDATE button will be available for press it.
For UPDATE your firmware, please follow this simple steps:

  • Press UPDATE button (new window will open with versions)
  • Navigate into the directory of the version you desire to install
  • After enter in the version, choose the firmware available for your cluster (display) and your language
  • Finally, after select the firmware desired, press again a button called UPDATE FIRMWARE
  • Flashing procedure will start, it takes near 20-25 seconds. After finish, your device will be completely flashed (upgraded)
IMPORTANT : After upgrade your device, please verify in the UpdaterTool that all data readed is correctly (ProductID, Serial, Prog.Date, etc.), if something appears corrupter, please retry the procedure.
BE CAREFULL: It is very important that this procedure not be interrupted in anytime. Be sure that you have internet connection all the time and if you are using a laptop, battery is not empty. This can damage your device temporaly, in case process not finish completely.

Factory Settings (function)[edit]

This procedure will reset your PolarFIS configuration with factory default settings. In normal upgrades, is not necessary to do it, this will prevent you loose your current configurations.
In the case you flash your device for repare it, we recommend to do it after the flashing procedure. It only takes few seconds (very fast).