PolarFIS Installation on Skoda Octavia

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First of all, thanks for buying PolarFIS, throughout this manual we are going to explain how to install your new PolarFIS.

To install PolarFIS, you will need the following tools:

  • Blade screwdriver
  • Torx Wrench T20
  • Plastic bridles to hold PolarFIS device

After this, check that your PolarFIS unit have the last firmware version available for your vehicle, or not will appear nothing in your FIS display. There are different firmwares for different platforms and display, so it is very important have the correct one. For upgrade your device to the last version, go to the official website AutoPolar and download the UpdaterTool software. You will find a direct link at the upper position of this website.

IMPORTANT : Because during the PolarFIS installation some elements of the vehicle, like the lighting system control and the Gateway must be disconnected, it is advised to disconnect the battery before coming to the installation.


In the first place, it is necessary to extract the lighting control, for it, place it on the position 0, as it is shown in the image:

In order to extract the control, push the handle towards inside, maintain the pressure and turn the control towards the right side until this approximately indicates the position of dipped headlights. Next throw towards outside and the control will be completely out.

Once the control is detached, you will have to separate the connector which is joined to the vehicle wiring.
For it, press the connector fastener that is indicated in the following image, and after that throw the connector towards outside.

Press the flap.

Secondly, remove the lighting system control and disassemble the trims which are in both sides of the direction column.
Put a small screwdriver into the places indicated in the photographies and lever carefully in order to extract the trims.


The flaps which held the trims can be seen.


To continue, disassemble the cover of fuses compartment, introducing a blade screwdriver in order to lever, in the place indicated in the following image.


Once the cover is taken away from the fuses compartment, you can see the first screw that must be removed, use a Torx wrench T20.


Now, proceed to take away the two screws which are in the low part of the equipped one.
As you can see in the following images, one of them is located upon the opening handle of the bonnet and the other one is upon the accelerator pedal.


Finally, take away the screws which are in both places of the direction column and to finish, remove the equipped part.


Once these screws are loose, the equipped part is loose too, and it can be carefully extracted, since the diagnosis connector is anchored to this equipped part and we could damage the cable.
The following photograph serves us to see the location of the diagnosis connector that must be detached.


In order to loosen this connector, you must press, with a screwdriver, in the points indicated in the following image, while the connector is pushed towards inside.


After removing the connector, the equipped part will be free and it can be removed.
You can see the polystyrene piece, as it is shown in the image.


Once the polystyrene piece is removed, loosen the screw shown in the image in order to loosen the air distributor.


After loosening the screw, you will be able to remove the air distributor without any problem and you will have access to the vehicle Gateway.
The Gateway is located upon the accelerator pedal, as the following photography shows.


Connecting your PolarFIS

Once the battery has become disconnected or the contact is removed, the connector must be loosen from the Gateway.
For it, you must press the flap and throw the connector towards outside, as it is shown in the image.

IMPORTANT : Before coming to connect PolarFIS, it is advised to disconnect the battery of the vehicle or in lack of that, to remove the contact of the vehicle since the Gateway is the central unit that interconnects all the electronic modules of the vehicle.


With the connector of the Gateway out, you can connect PolarFIS. First of all you must connect the connector that you have just extracted from the Gateway in one of the free PolarFIS connectors (any of the connector is valid). To continue, you must connect one of the ends of the cable to the connector that is free in your PolarFIS and the other end must be connected to the Gateway. You have already connected your PolarFIS, now you will have to fix it to the better place with the aid of plastic bridles. We recommend to hold it to the brake pedal, for example.

IMPORTANT : Make sure that the connectors are perfectly fitted, once you has connected your PolarFIS device

Finishing installation

Before returning to place the equipped ones, connect the vehicle battery and put the contact in order to verify that you have a new menu called PolarFIS within FIS screen of your vehicle. If you are not able to accede to this screen, it is probably that there is a loose or wrong place connector, you should verify again that everything is correctly connected. Once you have made this verification, remove the contact of the vehicle and comes to mount all the disassembled pieces again, following the same steps but the other way round.

IMPORTANT : You should take into account that after disconnecting the battery of your vehicle, perhaps the memory of some accessories is loosened, as for example the windows or the limits of the power-assisted steering. 

In the case of the windows, you will have to put each window down until the end, and later you must put it up again so that the ECU of the door memorise all the possible positions. This process must be done in each window of the vehicle.

In the case of the power-assisted steering, if failure lights are on, you may do the following: With the car stopped, slowly turn the steering wheel until the left limit and keep it only few seconds. Secondly, turn it again until the right limit and keep it because later you have to turn again the steering wheel until its central position. Finally, drive some meters with the steering wheel totally straight and the failure lights of power-assisted steering will disappear. Now you can erase the errors with the VAGCOM and the process will end.

From that moment on, the process of PolarFIS installation will have finished, if you have any doubt or problem during the installation, don not hesitate to consult us about your problem.
You can access our tickets systems here and your doubt will be solved as soon as possible.