PolarFIS - Quick Start Guide

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PF04 PolarFIS 500x500.png

1.- Preparing your PolarFIS device

Before install your PolarFIS device, you must update it to the last firmware version available for your vehicle type, otherwise PolarFIS may malfunction. Read carefully these instructions:

  • Access our website (www.autopolar.net)
  • Download the UpdaterTool software available on our website
  • Once downloaded, run the UpdaterTool software
  • Connect the USB cable to the computer and then to the PolarFIS device
  • After being detected, press UPDATE button and select the firmware compatible with your vehicle.
IMPORTANT : PolarFIS supports 14 languages, be sure to select your language if available 

2.- Installing your PolarFIS device

The installation procedure is very easy, and does not require any special tools, just follow the next steps:

  • Check that there is no device connected to the OBD2 port of your vehicle
  • Locate in your vehicle the Gateway unit
  • Disconnect cable connected to Gateway
  • Connect PolarFIS cable black connector to your PolarFIS unit, and red connector to the vehicle gateway
  • Connect the Gateway removed connector to your PolarFIS unit
IMPORTANT : Before connect PolarFIS to your vehicle, it is recommended to disconnect your vehicle battery or at least switch off ignition. 
Make sure that connectors are correctly tightened, sometimes it requires strong pressure to fit. Check entire connections. For assembling manuals, please check our website at AutoPolar

3.- Additional information

Depending of which PolarFIS model and cluster type, PolarFIS menu will appear in different place:

  • PolarFIS PF04 (Red cluster) New menu called "POLAR FIS" will be created
  • PolarFIS PF04 (White and Color cluster) PolarFIS screen will be shown in the telephone menu
  • PolarFIS PF04 (Audi 8P and 8J) PolarFIS screen will be shown in the audio menu
  • PolarFIS PF05 (FIS and Virtual Cockpit cluster) PolarFIS screen will be shown in the audio menu

If your vehicle cluster uses PolarFIS PF04 with White/Color firmware, switch off ignition and close your car with remote. Now wait until FIS screen goes off (1-2 minutes).
This is required due PolarFIS and OEM BT Hands free unit must synch and it is done when vehicle switch off completely. If not, may cause a malfunction when accessing to OEM Telephone menu in FIS screen.
For technical support, please generate a support ticket here