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Instructions for Audi vehicles

Please, read carefully all this instructions before start with the activation. Procedure is very easy and does not need to have any special knowledge or disassemble any part of your vehicle.
After this, you will get bluetooth communication with your phone, total control via MMI panel or steering wheel, voice control, etc.

  1. Power on completely your vehicle
  2. Power on your MMI navigation unit
  3. Connect the activator to your vehicle, one led will start to blink in green color (wait)
  4. After few seconds, the led will stop of blink and the MMI navigation unit will restart (all with green led active)
  5. After 2 minutes, the led will start to blink again in amber color
  6. For last, and after few seconds more, led stop of blink (with amber color), and procedure will be finished

Navigation units currently supported

Polar BTA supports these units for activation

  • MMI 3G Low II (Radio Plus)
  • MMI 3G High (DVD)
  • MMI 3G High (DVD+HDD)
  • RNS 850
IMPORTANT : Units MMI 2G not supported.