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Welcome to the WiKi Autopolar documentation area.
In this section you will find all the user manuals, installation and other kind of information necessary for all our products. Please, choose your product and make click on it.

Quick Start Guides

User Manuals

Installation Manuals

Videos and reviews

In this section you can find different reviews of our products.

Video description Model Author
Tienes que tener esto en tu auto! Polar FIS MQB Polar FIS MQB Alfalta90
Polar FIS Unboxing / Install / Setup in VW Golf6 (RHD) Polar FIS MK5/MK6/8P/8J BradWTV
Polar FIS Unboxing / Install / Setup in VW Jetta Sportwagen TDI Polar FIS MK5/MK6/8P/8J TrackTuned
Polar FIS Advanced PF04 by VellRS (russian firmware) для VAG Polar FIS MK5/MK6/8P/8J NoNickk SHow

If you desire to see more videos about how it works our products in different vehicles, make click here
All this videos are made from users from our community, so we desire to give you thanks for share all this important information.